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Creating and delivering awesome content while effectively managing customer interactions is crucial for building a strong online presence, fostering customer loyalty, and driving business success.


In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, Market Genius stands out as an award-winning social media marketing agency in 2023. At Market Genius, we specialize in providing comprehensive social media services, social media advertising services, email marketing services, and more to elevate your brand’s online presence. Our mission is to craft and manage top-performing social media campaigns tailored to meet the unique objectives of businesses.

Our Partnerships

Why Choose MARKET GENIUS as Your Social Media Management Company? 


Anticipate a highly collaborative and straightforward content creation process. We will provide you with social content crafted in your unique brand voice, complete with tailored calls-to-action designed to foster engagement, drive sales, and expand your social community.


Our precision-targeted social advertising accelerates outcomes by enabling us to connect with a broader audience of potential customers at an expedited pace.


We understand how to position our clients in the time of crisis and work around the clock to ensure our clients are protected.

User Generated Content (UGC) & Influencer Marketing

Let’s work on building trust & credibility through UGC & influencer marketing. Bad Rhino will identify the right UGC channels, where customer photos and videos can be built into your current and future content plan. We’ll also identify opportunities for brand ambassadors through influencer marketing platforms.

Our Approach to Your Digital Marketing Success

Your powerful and performance-based digital marketing strategy all starts here.

Audit / Strategy

Our team conducts a deep dive into your digital marketing and select competitors to map out initial digital marketing objectives, strategy, and key benchmarks.

Identify Strategies

Market Genius identifies the ad platforms, communication channels, and systems that must be optimized to start growing your brand.

Content & Campaign Delivery and Approval

Your team receives our initial digital marketing content & ad creative for review and approval.


It’s time to put your digital plan into action and begin our initial phase. Ad campaigns and custom content begin reaching your target audience.

Analyze Results

What’s measured can be improved through weekly and monthly reporting and analysis with the Market Genius team.


We optimize our digital marketing strategies, while removing any components that aren’t working and scale those that are.


Through consistent testing, data collection, and analysis, we’re able to scale your digital marketing and grow your business.


Navigating the dynamic digital landscape where conversations span myriad platforms, Market Genius stands as a steadfast guardian of your brand’s online presence. Harnessing advanced monitoring capabilities, we deliver unparalleled visibility and insights, ensuring your brand resonates authentically and effectively across the expansive digital sphere.

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