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Delivering Awesome Content & Managing Customer Interactions


Trusted By Some Of The Nations Leading Brands, Sky Zone, T-Mobile Authorized Dealers, Boost Mobile Authorized Dealers, and many more.

Market Genius is an award-winning social media management company in 2021. We offer social media management, advertising and lead driven solutions for companies of all sizes. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business, and local government agencies. Our company does this by managing social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest on your behalf. In short, we use relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and meet their goals, and because we’re a full service agency that also offers the other digital marketing services mentioned, we’re able to intertwine those services to support your social media efforts and vice versa for maximum results!

Why Choose MARKET GENIUS as Your Social Media Management Company? 

Scheduling Content

Our staff will work with you and your team to design award-winning content that represents your brand. 

Page Monitoring & Responding

Our experts will monitor your social channels and responsible promptly to your followers and potential customers. 

Handling Crisis Management

We understand how to position our clients in the time of crisis and work around the clock to ensure our clients are protected.

Real Time Support

Our team is here to answer questions, make schedule changes or to post instant content as you need. 


Our approach is straightforward no hidden fees or excuses we offer a flat rate per social media channel managed. 

Content Branding

We understand the need to be compliant within your franchise requirements. Our team has worked with numerous franchisers across the country on developing content that meets and exceeds our customers needs.


We have the ability to monitor hundreds of social media channels at one time ensuring our clients are well represented in the environment where your customers are. 

Assess your business potentials and find opportunities for bigger success:

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