Brand Design & Strategy

We’re an agency focused on creative solutions to marketing challenges.

Brand Design & Strategy

Market Genius has worked with numerous entrepreneurs from around North America. Building a memorable and powerful brand begins with beautiful and compelling design that keeps your company on your customers’ minds. It’s not an easy task that’s why Market Genius has a time-tested process we deploy for our clients.

Our talented designers and marketing experts work with clients to design graphics including logos that represents your firm and its values. When Eagle Billiards decided to open its doors in Lackawanna County it contacted Market Genius. We provided a complete solution from website design, digital marketing, flyer design, virtual advertising and Geo-fencing.



Growing a business requires a finely-tuned homepage. If you’re messaging, branding, graphics, photos, headlines, type, and sales copy don’t precisely articulate your value prop and get people excited, you could still fail, despite all your hard work. At Market Genius, we solve that problem.

We’ve perfected a process to take your existing homepage (if you have one) and turn it into a highly polished, highly targeted, and highly engaging experience, so you can let the world know what you’re all about. And the best part is, it takes only 5 meetings and 30 days.

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