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Today’s government and commercial organizations face significant challenges in these days of tight budgets, smaller pools of both human and capital resources to maintain effectiveness in meeting the needs of the constituents they serve. Add to this, the challenge of managing tens of thousands of documents through the normal course of municipal operations while increasing personnel productivity and lowering the cost of providing mission critical services.

For many, one key component in the solution is the organization’s website. But there is more to becoming a relevant website than simply having one. The local government web design focuses on using simple, low text designs, featuring a search function and prioritizing accessibility and mobility. These have long been the foundation of a good municipal website design.


The Emergency Notification System

When seconds matter, help is only minutes away that’s why we have build our very own notification system. A simple one stop solution for sending emails, sms and updates to your organization websites within seconds. Our professionals are available 24-7 to assist when emergency happens.

Because we are so big we were able to secure excellent pricing for sms, and phone integration for our clients.




Right To Know Management

Right To Know Request Management

We understand how important it is to operate a success right to know department within your agency. We have always been focused on making government more accessible to everyone. With our RIGHT TO KNOW REQUEST MANAGEMENT SOLUTION we can achieve higher results. With customized web forms we can ensure these requests get to the right person within a timely fashion.

Web Indexing your local ordinances, laws and files can lower your right to know request by more the 40% over the first year.




Web Consulting Services

Website Consulting Services

Market Genius understands what it takes to make a fully functional government website that is accessible to everyone. We understand that some government agencies may be under agreement with a current website development and hosting company that does not mean you can’t hire Market Genius.

We have managed numerous projects with assisting other designers in getting your site just right. Our goal is to ensure your site meets and exceeds your needs no matter who is listed at the bottom of your site.


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