Press Release

Official Communication from Market Genius

Philadelphia – PA / We are pleased to announce General Tso Chicken Franchise Group of Philadelphia has selected Market Genius as the exclusively web development, social media management and digital media creation for a period of two years. We are currently undergoing inspection to ensure we meet satisfaction of the agreement requirements.

Scope of Project:

Market Genius will be responsible for maintaining all corporate websites and developing a marketing campaign that will increase foot traffic into chain locations while supporting franchise owners with graphic design and digital advertising.

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Special Business Hours Ahead

Please be aware on December 16 and 17 Market Genius will be closed. Our company is upgrading our systems and implementing the use of Trello. Market Genius support will be limited to emergencies only.

December 16 (Closed)

December 17 (Closed)

December 25 (Closed)

December 31 (Closing at 3PM)