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Market Genius Brands stands as the entrepreneurial conglomerate led by Ed Kearns and his family.

Our Companies & Partnerships

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise.

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Our Story…

Market Genius was established by two highly skilled entrepreneurs driven by a shared passion for assisting small businesses in achieving success. The company’s inception took place in 2014 on Arch Street in the vibrant Chinatown section of Philadelphia. Positioned in the heart of Chinatown, our initial focus gravitated toward retail customers and the seamless integration of distribution platforms. Notably, our first customer was a small chain of Simply Prepaid T-Mobile retail stores scattered across the city.

The triumph of the company is attributed to the unwavering commitment and diligence of the management team. In 2016, the partnership between Mr. Kearns and Mr. Sing underwent a transformation, leading to the dissolution of their collaboration. Mr. Kearns retained the name Market Genius, while Mr. Sing embarked on a new venture with Advance Marketing Solutions (AMS). Despite operating separate companies, the two entrepreneurs continued to collaborate on various projects.

Taking Market Genius in a novel direction, Mr. Kearns forged partnerships with entrepreneurs nationwide and cultivated an extensive business portfolio. This transformative journey led to the establishment of Market Genius Brands in 2019, a venture that thrives with subsidiaries expanding across the country. The growth and evolution of Market Genius Brands exemplify the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit that propels the company into new realms of success.


  • Dunmore Apparel 2016
  • NerdiCloud 2016
  • Shamrock Mobile 2014
  • 99 Spoons OD 2023
  • Gombo TV 2017
  • OnlyFans Management Firm 2016
  • EKG Credit Repair 2017


  • OnlineGenius 2015
  • Virtual Kitchen 2022
  • Bar & Restaurant Group 2022
  • The Challenge 2021
  • KazoomBam 2020 (acquired by GroupOn)
  • Northeast Training Centers 2022
  • Home Inspection Group 2022
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