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Dunmore, Pennsylvania – March 11th, 2021 (Globe Newswire) Today marks the end to Executive Promotions as it completes its transition to a partnership with Market Genius. Over the last 10 days the offices of Executive Promotions have been rebranded to Market Genius.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new partnership for Market Genius and Executive Promotions. Senior staff at Executive Promotions will be taking positions on the newly created board of Market Genius USA.

Today the C.E.O. Ed Kearns announce the company will be launching its own hosting company for small business specializing in assisting companies that do not have the knowledge on how to operate a Cpanal and or the lack of interest to. The company has received a large infusion of capital from Angel investment group Abington’s Start Up Group, INC. All funds will support the creation and upkeep the of the necessary equipment needed to operate a hosting company.


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