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Market Genius is happy to announce we have moved online restaurant solutions in house here at Market Genius USA. We believe we could service our clients better if we combined our web development division and online ordering together to be one.

As we move forward our teams will continue to work together to deliver superior web experience with integrated online ordering. As we find that during a pandemic online ordering is more and important for our customers and integrating with services like Grub Up, and Urber Eats is our priority.

Today we are happy to announce we have been testing Online Genius has a new technology partner for investigators, law enforcement, and law firms. The website gives our clients access to billions of public and non-public information along with industry leading integrations like Phone Traps, Caller Id Spoofing and cellular pings.

Nearly 6 months into testing we have nearly searching more then 1 million records, signed up a nearly 50+ clients and continue to grow as the leading investigating tool.




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