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Market Genius launches new mobile app for government communication solutions   

October 31, 2019 – Dunmore, Pennsylvania – Market Genius announced today its working with NJ Technology to launch a newly designed mobile app that would make working with local government agencies.

The new app’s capabilities include push notifications as important news breaks, as well as the ability to make right to know requests quick and easy. The mobile app will have social media integrations for sites like Facebook or Twitter to inspire local conversations.

The app itself allows users to swipe left or right to navigate between sections and breaking news. In fact, online property records and tax payments will be available before March. The goal is to focus on self-help so interactions by phone, email and chat are no longer needed. Residents can requests construction permits, submit pictures, pay taxes, trash bills and other necessary local payments directly from the app.

The first township to beta test this mobile app will be Washington Township, NJ in Warren County.

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