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Dunmore, Pennsylvania – July 17, 2019 (Globe Newswire) We are excited to announce we have been awarded with a one year contract by Cellular Partners Group. Market Genius will be providing online support to CPG clients using Tawk Technology.

CPG is a nationwide distributor of cellular phone numbers to wireless carriers Verizon, Xfinity, AT&T and T-Mobile. The company operates in nearly 30 states and has distbuted nearly 100,000+ phone numbers. 

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Special Business Hours Ahead

Please be aware on December 16 and 17 Market Genius will be closed. Our company is upgrading our systems and implementing the use of Trello. Market Genius support will be limited to emergencies only.

December 16 (Closed)

December 17 (Closed)

December 25 (Closed)

December 31 (Closing at 3PM)