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Waiver Integration 


Family Entertainment Solutions

Market Genius understands the family entertainment business and the risks that come with it. We have designed our own waiver integration solution for our client’s websites to ensure waiver compliance is completed.  

Our solution provides the ability to offer a customer hassle experience while gaining the protections your company requires. The freedom to search, monitor and backup records give our clients the freedom to worry about other expects of the business.


Fully Responsive Solutions

No matter if your business is a facility playground and or a mobile rental business your customers will have the ability to complete waivers hassle free. Our solution gives your employees, legal representatives, managers and ownership team the ability to access, backup and forward copies of documents.

Market Genius is the sole provider of website development, waiver management and social media integration of Bounce House International. The national’s largest chain of bounce houses in North America with a nearly 500 million in yearly sales.

Accident Report Management Solutions

Our clients came to Market Genius to design an accident report management system that would make monitoring, reporting and storage hassle free.  With the power of Microsoft BI and our web engineers we have designed a customized solution for nearly 100+ bounce houses across America.


“Complete Solution”

Market Genius has helped so many small communities throughout North America and Europe. Why not give us a call and learn how together we can establish your community brand, drive traffic and funnel money into your currently. 

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