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Virtual Visiting Bureau



With nearly 20+ years of experience in web development, consulting and e-commerce management we have a passion in helping others. Now Market Genius can deliver an even better product and service.

Our Virtual Visiting Bureau Solution gives your organization the opportunity of saving money, driving results and delivering a superior product. Market Genius has a passion of helping others and operating a visiting bureau completely virtual can safe your community or organization nearly 30% of your yearly budget.

Traditional Marketing Is Outdated

Having the ability to deliver a superior product has always been our first priority. When budgets are tight and you’re looking to lower operating costs we can help. Market Genius offers a virtual visiting bureau solution that offers you the ability to outsource the website, internet marketing and search optimization to the pros.

We provide a remote solution that saves you nearly 30% of your yearly budget while improving your website visitor experience.


Social Media Integration

Market Genius understands how and why social media is important to your community. By interacting with your residents, community visitors you can promote growth as a hole for the community. We can improve your social media presents and ensure you’re connected to your followers.

“Complete Solution”

Market Genius has helped so many small communities throughout North America and Europe. Why not give us a call and learn how together we can establish your community brand, drive traffic and funnel money into your currently. 

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