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What We Do

We provide a complete solution for any automotive dealer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Instead of hiring a marketplace specialist we arrive at your facility take pictures, write detail descriptions and post vehicles to the area’s online marketplaces.


Our Approach

We believe in providing a much needed service in our area. By informing, educating and working to achieve the highest results we will continue to be the area’s leader.


Our Mission

To build lifetime relationships with clients throughout the region by providing worldclass services and acheiveing the highest results.


Why Market Genius for marketplace solutions

We understand technology is not everyone’s niche that’s why we provide a complete service. Posting, editing, updating, replying to scheduling appointments.

Client Sales Growth

We have built a successful marketing campaign that drives results for our clients. Each package provides a different level of success while building your brand reputation. Our goal is to have a hands off process for our clients so you can focus on the important stuff closing sales after we drive traffic.

Marketplace Integration

Let’s face it Market Genius has been in the business of ecommerce management for nearly 5 years now with success stories at Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and or Walmart.com. We have now made this service available locally to the automotive industry.  


Success Stories

I was not really good with the internet part and knew if we started selling online we could move more vehicles. My staff and I decide on the elite package they handle it all for us. We just update our schedule and everything is handled for us.

Kathy McGarth

CEO, Northwestern NJ Auto Sales

We hired them about 6 months ago and have no complaints we are moving more vehicles. At first we were unsure of the fees but well worth it. A+

Jessica Long

Sales Person, Pike County Auto Sales

No one wants to admit their own sales team can be beat. Let’s just say thank god Market Genius is on our team. Highly recommend using Ed and his team they get results.

Jorden West

Sales Manager, Toyota

Why Step Of Sale Is Important

Dealers find our approach to be accurate and successful more than often. Our team has more then 20+ years in retail sales experience and understands the steps to a sale.

  1. Greet

How can you provide a world-class greet when it’s online? We focus on customer friendly descriptions, layouts and target points that show results.

  1. Build Value

You have a product show the customer it’s something they need or want and the benefit of the item.

  1. Offer Solutions

Make the purchase process quick and easy removing trouble points. This is achieved by easy loan applications, payment calculators and bank referrals.

  1. Gain Sale

One of the hardest things for sales people is to ask for the sale. The few moments of uncomfortably when you could assume the sale and make the process friendly environment.  

  1. Educate

This is our favorite part educating and building lifetime relationships with your customers. This is where we set the customers’ expectations of the upcoming meeting with sales person.

  1. Thank and depart

Our thank and depart is unlike anything you have seen we reminder customers of the schedule appointment, provide surveys and follow up after sales completed with a buyers guide of online vehicle manuals, potential upselling warranties and

Our thank and depart is the one last attempt to upsell the customer with a vehicle warranty, tire programs, roadside assistance programs and providing the customer with online access to vehicle manuals, additional vehicle information.

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