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We believe in being more then just some website design or lead generation company. Our goal is to improve overall customer experience and establish ourselves as the leader of branding. We create a brand, create interest, capture sales, service customers and follow up building a superior brand. COVID has changed the way many companies operate with higher labor costs, overall costs and supply demand our Virtual Dealership creates high impacts and drives your companies sales.

Ending Results?

Market Genius is paid on sales, commissions and given bonus for achieving results. In turn driving sales for your company by using a virtual dealership model. Our in-house sales department provides online sales support to our customers at no cost to you or your company. We believe in providing high quality sales support which creates lifetime customers.

Why Does Our System Work?

Once we launch the newly created branded website our sales department gets to work using social media, news releases and a brand ambassador program to generate sales. It’s our job to create lifetime customers instead of wham bam one time customers. We have found that lifetime customers generate us additional $10k over their lifetime by promoting, referring and purchasing products.

Market Genius staffs numerous ecommerce sites across the United States without the customer knowing our existence. Think about having a 5 star distributor without the hassles of supporting their customers. We handle everything for our customers from warranty claims, replacements, and or training. One stop solution to virtual dealership solutions. 

The First Online Retailer For T-Mobile

Market Genius was the first authorized online retailer for T-Mobile USA. Our company saw a window that the wireless industry did not see more and more sales were moving online. We created TMobileOnline which allowed for customers to upgrade, and purchase new devices. By offering 24-7 support online and by emails we quickly became the leader in online sales.

In 2016 T-Mobile decided to take our customer experience blueprint and acquire our website and move sales to their online e-commerce site. While our site existence was nearly 3 years we activated nearly 65K new customers and upgraded nearly 25K. 

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