iBeacon and Geo Fencing


Get consumers near your business into your front door…

We understand what it takes to get your brand in front of your target audience in any location, including near your competitors, and get them into your business. Our biggest success is a BMW dealership that target competitor dealerships with aggressive marketing ads. Within a 90 day period the dealership witness a hike in sales of 35%.

With Genius GeoFencing & iBeacon you can:

  • Target any audience of your choice
  • Track your ads and determine what works and what does not
  • Generate awareness for your business
  • Target users with relevant messages based on previous location behavior

Our goal is to be front and center with your customers and turn opportunities into closures with real time data.



Generally we have witnessed a 30% lift in customer traffic when we are running a geo fencing campain.

Carl Clark

General Manager, Eagle Billiards, LLC

Our tenants have reported as much as a 35% lift during campaigns instead of traditional marketing.

Jessica Y

Manager, Bridgewater Commons Mall

We use geo fencing to target our competitors locations with our marketing campaigns. 25% Lift, 35% lift on foot traffic

Sara M

Marketing Manager, Hunterdon BMW

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