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When people search for your business on the internet, chances are they’ll come across your Facebook page. It serves as a second outpost for your business online – in fact, it’s like having another website!. Facebook has grown to be the largest platform used in the world.

Our professional staff along with our newly established partnership with Create Codes, LLC we have founded Summit Roots the Facebook Digital Marketing Company of the future. You can’t rate success on social media unless you examine the conversion rates driving traffic means nothing unless it turns into business.

Over the past decade, Facebook has drown into the powerful, effective marketing tool for millions of companies around the world. We have designed customize technique that allows for us to track and monitor our campaigns. We have the ability to target potential customers all the way down to your next store neighbor

We have the ability to generate likes, post/photo likes, video views, and generate 5 star reviews.


  • 500 Facebook likes $21.49
  • 1000 Facebook likes $39.99
  • 3000 Facebook likes $89.99
  • 10000 Facebook likes $199.99


  • 500 Facebook likes $28.99
  • 1000 Facebook likes $42.99
  • 2500 Facebook likes $89.99

Is Your Company Faceless?

We understand not everyone knows how to use Facebook for its full potential. Perhaps you don’t have the time to learn or manage your company’s profile. Ignoring Facebook as a valuable part of your business can cost or damage your online presents with your existing and or potential customers.

Our partnership with Summit Roots gives us the ability to deliver superior Facebook Digital Advertising to our clients nationwide. Don’t waste time contact us today or visit our partner website.

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