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Market Genius is the fastest growing eCommerce consulting firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Not only are we web developers we have a passion for helping business and grow with eCommerce.

Not only will we get you established, we will make the necessary recommendations to help your company prepare for the influx of potential business and become a superstar in eCommerce.

We have worked with companies of many different backgrounds including, clothing manufacturers, candy companies, automotive suppliers, and wireless accessories. Our conversion rate is nearly 4% ensuring we use the leading technology to migrate the correct keywords.



eCommerce WD Sales & Installation

Authorized Walmart Seller

When setting your business up for eCommerce it requires much more than just a website designer. It takes entrepreneur minded individual with a proven track record of success. Market Genius has been establishing clients on the Walmart marketplace for nearly 2 years now.

Much more then Walmart.com

Market Genius has worked with Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart.com helping small business grow there business.