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We offer professional installation onsite anywhere in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Typically, when a customer contacts us and ask for our help designing and installing a Surveillance Camera System for their small business it is for 1 of 2 reasons:

Pro-Active Approach

The customer feels that the community in which their business resides is not what it used to be, crime rates are up due to poor economy and they feel having a Video Surveillance System could potentially deter thieves from targeting their property or provide evidence to the local authorities should an event occur.

Re-Active Approach

The customer had something bad happen to them. Either theft, vandalism, damage, slip and fall, etc. Normally we receive countless referrals from local police departments to help local business in our community.

If you fall into either of these 2 categories, the good news is that you are now taking the first step at securing your future peach of mind. A professionally installed Video Surveillance System will provide Video Evidence of the covered areas over.

Take a look at how we helped this local business from being countless violated. We installed camera’s into this local watering hole that helped catch, arrest, and prosecuted the individual responsible.

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